Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coalition Against the Rockaway (Lateral Delivery) Pipeline

There is the beginning of movement and Joe is working on a banner. Kill the bill is this week's motto.

Gateway National Recreation Area is asking for public comment on its new General Management Plan, but strangely enough (or par for the course), last week no one seemed to know about it. Now that they do, New York City Audubon is asking for signatures to a petition to remind NPS that their priority should be to protect wildlife. (See banner on upper right of this page.) It's an upside down world to say the least when you have to petition the National Park Service to protect its park and the wildlife therein when updating its management plan and it needs to be set right. It's an upside down world when the National Park Service is testifying for legislation (HR 2606) to build industrial facilities on the land it manages and for legislation that will tear up three miles of critical marine habitat right off its shores instead of testifiying against it. But this is where we are right now.

Sign the petition. Comment on Gateway's Management Plan. Get on down to one of Gateway's information sessions about this plan. I know there will be people at Jacob Riis on Sat. Aug 4th. Pass it all on.

At Jacob Riis Park, Queens: Saturday, August 4, 11am-3pm
Friday, August 10, 11am-3pm

Let's kill a bill that will build a pipeline through our national park land and lease part of it for industrial facilities, and Let's protect wildlife (Please follow the link for a really informative and well written appeal from New York City Audubon, not only for signing their petition but for participating in this management plan process and learning which plan is best) . Let's keep a pipeline and the industrial facilities that will accompany it out of Gateway. Let's keep industry out of our park and off our beach.

Protect your park. The way our common land is managed matters, both locally and nationally. You only have until September 21st to act in this particular way to set things right.

I got a phrase from New York City Audubon that I hadn't seen before and it is from Gateway's enabling legislation. I pasted it below because it speaks directly to the proposed Rockaway Lateral Delivery Project, its path through Gateway and the leasing of land at Floyd Bennett to the Natural Gas Industry for industrial facilities.

From the Enabling Legislation (the emphasis added by Audubon):
“...the Secretary shall administer and protect the islands and waters within the Jamaica Bay Unit with the primary aim of conserving the natural resources, fish, and wildlife located therein and shall permit no development or use of this area which is incompatible with this purpose

As Audubon put it "Let Your Voice Be Heard". This is mine.


Jen said...

This is great. So glad a movement is developing!

Sweetgum Thursday said...

:) We are hoping to engage people. Still a giant learning curve to overcome. Most people in the city and that use the park and beach have no idea that this is happening at all. Hope you are well in the catskills this weekend.