Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Gateway to Destruction of National Parks (HR2606)

The first thing Joe said this morning was "Gateway to Destruction of all national parks." It's kind a dramatic statement in reference to H.R. 2606, but I like it. Last night, I'd looked again at the image above from Williams Draft in 2009 for the Rockaway Lateral Delivery Project and saw quite clearly for the first time how important this image is. It's not just a map of potential pipeline and industrial facility sites. It's a map of an assualt by industry on parkland, both parkland protected by the National Park Service, and also city parks. Alternative Sites for the metering and regulating staion, 1 and 2? Property of NPS. 3, 4 and 5? New York City Parks and Recreation Property. Historic hangars at Floyd Bennett Field in Gateway National Recreation Area? Not on the map at all, but right now they are the bullseye.

If you don't think it matters where industrial facilities are built, then perhaps that image above won't mean much to you. If on the other hand, you think that New York City Parks or New York City's only National Park aren't places for industrial facilities, this image is troubling. Had Williams gone with the golf course (New York City Parks & Recreation Property, sites 3,4 and 5), no special legislation would have been needed or maybe I'm wrong about that. But in the end, they went with Floyd Bennett Field and Gateway. They went with the National Park. Nice. All it took was The National Park Service to get on board with it and then a politician went and crafted a bill to make it happen. Public input on that bill? Zilch.Think the bill that authorizes this use of NPS land doesn't matter? I'm still searching for a similar one. I've found two that would authorize gas pipeline right of ways in National Parks (Denali, Glacier), but haven't seen the language for the construction and operation of a metering and regulating station in either. Does that mean this bill will set a precedent that could be followed in other National Parks? Shucks, I don't know. Why don't we just give it a whirl and see? The bill is currently titled "New York City Natural Gas Supply Enhancement Act", but between you and me, I like Joe's title better. You think you can keep an industrial facility out of your favorite park if we can't keep one out of this National Park land? Good luck.  

Think this is just a picture of a shopping bag? I don't. I see it as a symbol of what the proper response is to an assault. Resistance. It is speaking truth to power. If you want to know who has the power here, I can tell you. It's Senator Schumer. It's Senator Gillibrand. It's all the Senators sitting with this bill on their desks in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

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