Friday, July 13, 2012

This Week's Say No To Natural Gas Industrial Facilities at Gateway National Recreation Area Campaign

Over at the Ryan Center at Floyd Bennett Field, Joe got himself some "Protect Your Parks" postcards which feature a copy of a lovely WPA poster with artwork done by Stanley Thomas Clough. The little writeup on the back says "The National Park Service was established in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. With its all-American mission to preserve and protect parks for future generations, the National Park Service was often featured in posters produced by the Work Projects Administration Federal Art Project." Joe is thinking of using the postcards to send a message to legislators about HR 2606, "New York City Natural Gas Supply Enhancement Act", the bill which would authorize the Secretary of the Interior to allow the leasing of historic hangars at NPS' protected Floyd Bennett Field for the construction and operation of a gas metering and regulating station. The message is simple. It's the poster's title. Protect Your Parks.

I kind of think that maybe the Secretary of the Interior might need a postcard too. Am I nuts in thinking that the National Park Service is not in the business of providing New York City with natural gas and that the National Park Service is in the business of protecting parks?

(This week's campaign against the leasing of park land at Gateway National Recreation Area for the building of a new industrial facility brought to you by Joe. His last endeavor below.)
It's a Wild About Gateway National Industrial Park shopping bag. 40 fabulous years. Let's celebrate.


Jen said...

No, you aren't nuts.
The postcards are fabulous, and Joe's bag is sad! I wish we had a WPA going these days. Is there a good grassroots movement going on this? Make sure you send one to the governor. He's a fan of the Adirondacks and was good to the Catskills after the Hurricane.

Amelia said...

I knew I liked Woodrow Wilson for a reason. There's no need to keep doing this kind of stuff to our protected areas. I agree with Jen, bring it to the governor's attention.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

There is a coalition gathering from various groups (anti-fracking, sustainable energy, fighters of other new pipeline projects). No name yet. I've seen two flyers against the project (United for Action/Sane Energy and Brooklyn For Peace, a letter for organziations to sign on to targeting Schumer on HR 26062, two petitions against filed with FERC by citizens/gardeners, National Parks Conservation Association coming out against the M&R station in the hangars, but in support of the project and the station being built elsewhere on parkland, a meeting of groups and individuals to discuss collaboration on the project.