Monday, August 6, 2012

A Quote and A Vote

“National parks and other federal lands are a time capsule that provides visitors a look into our nation’s history and a safe environment for outdoor activities and education for all Americans to enjoy,” Rep. Robert Turner said. ( I got the quote from over at Sheepshead Bites)

Let's play a game called "Does the quote match the vote?" Well seeing as Turner cosponsored HR 2606, I'm going to go with no.  And seeing as he wrote the following to one of his constituents, (who happened to oppose this legislation) I'm going to also say he doesn't understand where the pipeline his legislation will authorize is going to be built and he may not understand what a metering and regulating station is or he's just making out like he doesn't get it:
  "The pipeline will not cross or encroach upon any portion of the beach at Gateway National Park. While part of the project entails the construction of a monitoring station inside the paved portion of the park, the station will be located inside one of the historic hangar at Floyd Bennett Field and have no impact on the exterior of the building."
I've seen a map of the pipeline and it most decidely will go under Jacob Riis Beach which is absolutely part of Gateway National Park as he calls it. I've also read some specifics about what a metering and regulating station is. It is not a "monitoring" facility. There aren't people in there wearing binoculars somewhat like birders watching a little sea of gas flow by.  It is an industrial facility. It will have tremendous volumes of natural gas entering into it at very high pressure (over 900psi) and its function is to reduce the pressure of that gas to the level that it will be transported through the city (over 300pi). Both of these pressures are fantastically higher than the gas that moves into people's homes.

I'm getting very tired of reading politicians and the Department of Interior when talking about introducing this pipeline and this industrial facility into Gateway National Recreation Area only talking about potential impact to "viewshed" or the "exterior of the buildings".  I'm getting tired of the runaround.

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