Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today's Quotes (Kill the Bill, HR 2606)

Sen Udall: "If this committee were to pursue one new policy iniative to help the parks during this Congress what do you think it should be?
Is it support LWCF and land aquisition?
Addressing the maintenance backlog?
Bringing More Americans into the parks?"

Mr. Jarvis: "..from my perspective I think recognizing that the National Park Service plays an essential role in this country's public education system is front and center for me...I know the kids, their education capacity and their interest in our American history as well as the ecology of this country increases when they have access to parks".

Interesting that Jarvis didn't say that the maintenance backlog problem could just be solved by selling out pieces of the parks to industry. These were quotes from last year at a National Parks Subcommittee hearing. This year in March there was a different hearing by the National Parks Subcommitte. Among all the bills that were introduced that might conserve land or protect it in some way, only one was introduced that would allow a natural gas pipeline through NPS land and only one promoted industrializing a piece of a park. Only one person testified in support of this bill (HR 2606) and that person was the associate director of cultural resources at the national park service. There's video too, and somewhere around minute 52 or 53, HR 2606 gets covered and the project and specifically the metering and regulating facility in historic hangars at Floyd Bennett Field is quite amazingly described as a 'boost' for the park.

Did Stephanie Toothman say boost or blast? What's the difference anyway? What matters is that HR 2606's path through Congress without any public input or debate is a neat little lesson in democracy and history in the making all at once for the kids that National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis can be proud of.

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sarah said...

when is this thing coming up for a vote? sarah sabbatical all one word dot geeeemail. shoot me a line. I want to write my guy an email. I tried to sign the petition at but there was some kinda glitch and it wouldn't let me register. frustrating.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

sister, you know i will. just so happens that your guy (at least one of them) Bernie Sanders sits on subcommitte for national parks and energy and natural resources committee where the bill sits.