Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vote No on HR 2606 (postcard from a park user)

Teddy Roosevelt might be turning over in his grave. Had to go to Ken Burns (The National Parks, Americas Best Idea for this bite:)

In his speech, Roosevelt reminded people of the essential democratic principle embodied by the parks; they were created "for the benefit and enjoyment of the people." These words were later carved into the arch's mantle as a reminder of why the park was there – and for whom.

There are a lot of ideas out there. They're not all good. HR 2606, which would allow a pipeline and accompanying industrial facilities to be built in historic hangars in land at Gateway National Recreation Area, which is protected by the National Park Service is one of the bad ideas, no matter how many politicians and government bigwigs testify for it.


Jen said...

Love this!

Sweetgum Thursday said...

:) guess you can say a lot with a postcard if you really think about it. Question is how many does it take to kill a bill.