Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline on TV

Another CARPing Stakeholder in our National Parks flag made by Maureen & Joe B. at the am setup.

You know what they say. If you see it on TV (link to NY1 news coverage which aired on television yesterday, although I'm hearing that video may be limited to TimeWarner customers), then it must be true.

In this case, there really is a coalition of people (CARP) opposing HR 2606 and the Rockaway Lateral Pipeline through Gateway National Recreation Area with a piece of the park (historic hangars at Floyd Bennett Field) given over directly to the Natural Gas Industry for a metering and regulating facility. We met at the beach on Sunday, where the land connects with the water, connected in a common cause. We met to connect with beach goers and park users in order to connect them with the legislative process that will either authorize this use of our park or not. We had a petition for people to sign and we had some fun too.

Seems fitting to me that NY1 came on down to beach to cover opposition to the project, as it was their news story in February when folks first caught wind of HR 2606. At the time, it was reported that the bill "quietly sailed through the House" and also that "unlike other proposed pipeline projects, this one was met with little criticism". It may have been true that their was little criticism from the legislators in the House and other politicians, but ever since that story broke, their has been news of criticism, questions and concern about this project, which leads one to believe that the major reason the legislation sailed so quietly through the House is because no one knew about it.

Now that they are beginning to know on the beach and in the park, thousands have signed a petition against the legislation, both online and in person.

(All links in this article are to local news coverage (and one letter to the editor) either of the pipeline project or outrage against it. NY1, Canarsie Courier and Sheepshead Bites.)

Maureen's "Another CARPing Stakeholder in the National Parks" flags representing for the millions of users of Gateway National Recreation Area

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