Saturday, September 22, 2012

HR 2606 passes in the Senate (say what?)

Talk about a fast track. This thing is a bullet. Straight through the heart too. Guess Senators don't have time to read postcards from constituents. Saw a strange press release from the Mayor about Schumer sponsoring the legislation and Bingaman and Murkowski making it possible. Weird. All I found on this site was that the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee was discharged and that it passed with a Bingaman subsitute amendment. Busy day for legislators. As of last week this bill was still in subcommittee with no movement.


Jen said...

Ww, that's shocking. And depressing. Sorry.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Shocking and not so shocking at the same time. The thing has been on a straight course this whole time. All the while the company is saying its not a done deal, it in many ways has very much been a done deal. The only ones not at the table, playing a hand are the people though.