Friday, September 28, 2012

They Want to Build A Metering Station in Floyd Bennett Field, part of the National Park Service?

Right on top of the community garden I belong to and in a national park that Department of Interior Ken Salazar and New York City Mayor Bloomberg are saying they will hold up as an example of what a great urban park should be? Since it's their people, both the city reps and National Park Service representatives that have testified in support of the legislation (and throughout its journey through the house, entirely unknown to the people) I guess their answer is industrial is the wave of the future for urban parks. Now I could be wrong, but I thought that the role of the National Park Service was actually to protect parks from industrial activities, not promote them and that an example of a great urban park wouldn't include natural gas facilities entirely outside of the mission of that park.

HR 2606 stinks. It's path through both Houses of Congress stinks. And if the President signs this thing into law, then I guess he's going to have a little odor on him too.

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