Sunday, September 30, 2012

Within a Week of Senate Quietly Passing Legislation to Authorize A Pipeline through Gateway, a Gas and Oil Spill in the Area

I wonder if it will escape the notice of the legislators who quitely passed HR2606 last week that National Grid, who seem to be responsible for a major oil and gas spill in Paergdebat Bay which feeds into Jamaica Bay have a connected project that is so far not under FERC's jurisdiction for the Rockaway Lateral and will be constructing two new pipes under the Marine Park Bridge this winter. National Grid's Brooklyn Queens Interconnect Project is linked to the Rockaway Lateral Project in more ways than one (they will be operating facilities in Floyd Bennett Field M&R station and their pipeline will connect with Williams pipe under Jacob Riis in the Rockaways and so far it doesn't seem to require an enivornmental impact statement even. With a little luck, someone in power will recognize that this bill requires a closer look, real debate and input from concerned citizens and park users.
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Jen said...

Sweet. You get a different perspective (from the average gardener( up on the roof!

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Sweet it is. Didn't see your post over here.