Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Phone Call with NPCA on HR2606

Despite the National Parks Conservation Association's all-American mission statement (which mirrors the mission of the National Park Service), "to enhance and protect America's national parks for present and future generations", NPCA doesn't seem to have any problem at all with legislation that introduces both a pipeline right of way and a new industrial private use of a piece of Gateway National Recreation Area. It's all good for them. Yikes. Even the National Parks Conservation Association fails to see the difference between an industrial park and a national park.

The National Parks Conservation Association told me I'm failing to see the big picture here. This is interesting. Because the way I see it the big picture is the National Park Service violating their own policy on civic engagement and failing to include the public in their decision to place a metering and regulating station in historic hangars in Floyd Bennett Field.

I'm pretty familiar with the high-level runaround by now when asking anyone about HR2606. The thing is I'm also familiar with some of the paperwork in FERC on Williams Rockaway Lateral, so I actually know that the line that putting the metering and regulating facility in those hangars has the least impact on the park is complete nonsense. Over time, the plans for the Rockaway Lateral Project actually went from placing the facility outside of the park to inside the park. And the decision to place the facility inside the park has nothing at all to do with protecting the park or least impact on the park. It only has to do with money.

The National Parks Conservation Association just did a complete turn around from their stated position in paperwork they filed with FERC which said they would intervene on placing the Metering and Regulating Station in historic row at Floyd Bennett Field. I guess that's pretty fitting since they've also made a complete turn around from their earlier reports on Floyd Bennett Field which called for removing inappropriate city uses, not introducing new private industrial uses into the field.

Maybe its time for NPCA to rewrite their mission.

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