Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Time Line on HR 2606 and the Rockaway Pipeline Project

Pipeline infrastructure. Now guess where I took the picture? A national park or an industrial park?

There's more than one timeline I could follow on the path of HR 2606 and the Rockaway Lateral Project through Gateway National Recreation Area in Brooklyn and Queens, but the one that's missing in the press is the one that connects Gateways enabling legislation with the legislation just passed in the senate that flies in the face of the parks mission. The story and timeline of how the National park Service decided to solve a maintenance backlog problem by supporting and testifiying in favor of legislation that would let the natural gas industry fix up historic structures only to house a natural gas metering and regulating facility in them. One thing that wouldn't be found on this trail, very importantly, is the public's participation in it. NPS left the public and park advocates in the dark and out of the process despite having a clear policy on civic engagement for management decisions.

Gateway is celebrating birthday soon (happy 40th) and in a few years so will the National Park Service itself (centennial).

"On October 27, 1972, Congress passed legislation that created a new kind of national park. The park would have natural, historic, and recreational treasures that one would expect to find in a national park, but what made this place different, was its location. Unlike most large national parks, which were located in rural, and remote areas, this was located in and around the nation’s largest urban area. The idea was to bring the parks to the people, and the result was Gateway National Recreation Area. From: Gateway National Recreation Area Newsletter

History is always being made.

(I took the first picture in an industrial park. But just in time for the National Park's big birthday, I could probably take it in Floyd Bennett Field.)


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