Thursday, October 25, 2012

Going Back Through The FERC PF09-8 files and in time

In 2009, in paperwork filed by Williams "NPS stated that the preferred meter and regulating station should not be located on NPS property."

"National Park Service mangers emphasized their paramount responsibility is to
protect NPS resources, and reiterated their lack of authority to permit a pipeline
Two years later the National Park Service testified in support of legislation that fails to protect the park, and in this year in the Senate NPS called the introduction of a metering and regulating station into Floyd Bennett Field a "boon" for the park. And just last week Senator Schumer's folks said in a meeting with some concerned park users that HR2606 only allows NPS to negotiate a lease with the natural gas companies. That's all it does.
The proper word for Schumer's people to use in regards to this bill is not negotiation. It is alienation. Now in NY state there's a little manual all about this. Only HR2606 is not about a city park or a state park. It's about a national park.
And here's a nice little quote from a report by the RPA and NPCA with some words from Gateway's Management Plan in 1979:
"It is in the coastal zone of one of the most developed regions in the is adjacent to the most densely populated metropolis in the offers the opportunity to demonstrate the abused resources can be restored. 

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