Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HR 2606 and 16 USC § 1a–2 - Secretary of the Interior’s authorization of activities

k) Leases
(1) In general
Except as provided in paragraph (2) and subject to paragraph (3), the Secretary may enter into a lease with any person or governmental entity for the use of buildings and associated property administered by the Secretary as part of the National Park System.
(2) Prohibited activities
The Secretary may not use a lease under paragraph (1) to authorize the lessee to engage in activities that are subject to authorization by the Secretary through a concessions contract, commercial use authorization, or similar instrument.
(3) Use
Buildings and associated property leased under paragraph (1)—
(A)shall be used for an activity that is consistent with the purposes established by law for the unit in which the building is located;
(B)shall not result in degradation of the purposes and values of the unit; and
(C)shall be compatible with National Park Service programs.
If Williams and National Grid could lease historic hangars for their metering and regulating facility under current law, why is the lease even in the bill? Because its non-competitive?

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