Friday, October 26, 2012

HR2606..they all have their ducks in a line

"This legislation doesn’t mean that the facilities have been approved by the Park Service, FERC, or any other regulatory agency. This legislation simply gives the National Park Service the authority to authorize construction of certain facilities within the park’s jurisdictional boundaries."Williams

The legislation only allows the National Park Service to negotiate a lease with the natural gas companies. (Schumer's office)

What a load of crap. Under current law, the National Park Service does not have the authority to allow a right of way for the gas pipeline under Jacob Riis Beach nor can it allow a giant metering and regulating station to be built in Floyd Bennett Field. But if this bill is passed again in the House and signed by the president, this is no longer the case. The public trail on this bill is pretty slim. Two cosponsors, passed by mostly an empty room on a suspensions of the rules in the House because apparently alienation of national park land and pipelines through the beach aren't controversial. And two minutes of testimony in support by NPS in Senate Subcomittee. Of course, National Grid and Williams lobbied for it too. The public? Just signing petitions against and sending postcards saying no, but those aren't the voices that really matter.

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