Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More News on Rockaway Pipeline and More Paperwork in FERC

                 Gas pipeline infrastructure coming soon to the National Park near me..
This week saw an article in the Gotham Gazette about the complexity of the Rockaway Lateral Project along with the accompanying National Grid Brooklyn Queens Interconnect. Myself I've long felt that I needed another degree or two, as well as unlimited amounts of time to properly read all the documents in FERC that are available on the project in order to just get some sense of not only what the potential impact might be on the area, but simply to understand who wants to build what, where and when. As ever, it continues to boggle my mind that the legislation that was necessary to authorize the project occuring in Gateway National Recreation Area has already been passed in both Houses of Congress. Quite frankly it seems impossible that any legislator could be following the paperwork trail through FERC and at the same time maintain their other responsibilities and I'm still stunned that neither those legislators nor the National Park Service thinks that the public deserves any role at all in deciding what happens to or in our park.
Just in time for the yearlong celebration of Gateway's birthday (40 years),  according to the Atlantic Highland Herald, the bill that will authorize a pipeline through the beach and what equates to the sale of historic resources at Floyd Bennett Field to natural gas companies for their metering and regulating facility has passed.  Meanshile, PCB's from a recent spill by one of those companies make their way into Jamaica Bay and there's more paperwork to read in the FERC elibrary on the project (PF09-8).  Looks like I'm definitely going to need glasses and a higher tolerance for the spin of the people in power if I'm going to keep following the developments in this project. 
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