Sunday, October 21, 2012

Postcards to the President VETO HR2606 from the Farmers Market

"Dear Mr. President, I'm asking you as a citizen to please veto this bill. NY's national parks are something to be respected and protected. Please Protect our natural beauty from corporate interest."

"Dear Mr. President, Please preserve our recreation area that is so hard to come by in our great city".

"Gateway National Recreation Area is used by new yorkers for swimming, gardening camping and cyclists. Please do not put industrial facilities in our park! It is the most beautiful place in NYC. Leave it natural."

Dear President Obama, Please veto HR2606. I do not want industrial facilities in my national park. NYC and its surrounding areas need as much unpolluted green space as we can get."

"The beach is my summer paradise. Please protect it and the surrounding wildlife. There has to be a better solution."

"Dear Mr. President, We would like to urge you to stop corporate interests from taking over what precious little national park land we have left in NYC".

Prospect Park may not be around the corner from Gateway, but the people who shop at the farmers market there or who use that park are also familiar with the Jamaica Bay Unit. And while the National Park Service and our legislators in Washington and our state Senator who lives near Prospect Park even don't think the citizens of New York City have a role to play in protecting our parks, the people actually say otherwise. Providing that the House passes this bill again with amendments and considering that they saw fit to pass it the first time without any public notice, there is only one place left to go to stop this undemocratic bill. Pennsylvania Avenue.

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