Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In Remembrance of a Ride Past, Tour for the Shore

Tour for the Shore, Clean Ocean Action's Bike/Paddle Journey from Cape May to Montauk
This summer past, Joe and I participated in one short little leg of a pretty awesome bike/paddle trek that Clean Ocean Action went on in order to promote awareness of their Clean Ocean Zone iniative. Powered by pedal and paddle, human legs and arms and either into the wind or being pushed on by it, the Clean Ocean team travelled all the way from Cape May in New Jersey to Montauk in New York, the tip of Long Island. That's fierce.

Standup Paddle Event in NYC, the morning's meetup place
It's hard not to think about that beautiful day in the sun (the talk of native plants and stormwater capture among many other thing) and the path that the Tour For the Shore travelled in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's destruction of so many beautiful places that were passed through on their epic journey. (Joe and I did a one day ride with them to talk to the group about our own fight against HR 2606 and to hear about the citizen bill that Clean Ocean would like to see introduced in order to project the entire NY/NJ Bight from harmful practices, whether dumping, industrial or otherwise.)
It'd be nice to think that by the time next August rolls around and if another tour is planned that the shore and the communities all along it in New Jersey and here in New York are well on their way to recovery. A lot can happen in a year, but some of the damage in these locations is so staggering that I hope I'm not being too optimistic.

Joe, me  Sean from Clean Ocean Action and Kathleen from American Littoral at 69th Street fishing pier, Bayridge

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Amelia said...

I hope you are right but as I sit here with the wind howlling outside and the snow accumulating I'm afraid that it will add to this awful devastation. I can't bare to think of all those cheesy boardwalk carnivals that made our Jersey Shore what it is gone. But we went out and voted in droves yesterday despite the hardships because we are such a resilient bunch. Yep, I think we'll be back.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Big task but there is big love for these places. Hope you are well and get to enjoy some beautiful days at the shore of your youth sometime soon in the future.