Monday, November 19, 2012

Veto HR2606, Their Words, Not Mine

                                       Veto HR2606 Protect Your Parks Postcards to Obama

It's too bad that President Obama is a busy man and won't likely ever see the Veto HR2606 postcards that Joe has been collecting from Gateway National Recreation Area users and New York City citizens, but perhaps his mail staff will get to enjoy some thouh. The fun thing about letters written in people's own words is the variety, the many flavors of expression. From the aghast but succinct, "The idea of natural gas facilities in Gateway National Recreation Area boggles the mind. It goes against everything the National Park stands for.", to the supercasual "Because it's the right thing to do man." There are invitations: "I'm asking you to veto this because it serves a huge purpose to a lot of people. It's great relaxation and wonderful for the children. If you took a moment and visited, I'm sure you would enjoy it." And forceful demands. " Dear Mr. President, I attended the G.K Youth Conference at the national park. I, as a student leader, demand you to be the leader that your people want you to be by protecting our green spaces and vetoing this Act."

A cookie cutter formula would never be as revealing. I would love to put them all up somewhere, the pages and pagies of copies Joe made for someone to see all together. All that different handwriting together in a collage that I'm sure would cover a wall or two.
Just one of the hundreds of postcards Joe collected from park users and NYC citizens against HR2606.  Want to know how many people testified in support of the bill? It's three.

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