Thursday, December 20, 2012

Schumer Likes Natural Gas Facilities in Park, But Bike lanes on his street, not so much

Schumer quietly supports placing private above ground natural gas facilities in New York City parks but not so thrilled about a bike lane on his block

Over at Streetsblog, there is a recap of how some pretty powerful people dominated the news about a bike lane near Prospect Park and Senator Schumer's home. It's enlightening from the prospective of a user of Floyd Bennett Field where Schumer was recently quietly in favor of placing an above ground natural gas facility attached to a high pressure pipeline in this park despite never publically stating his position publically on the facility in question or the legislation that would allow it.

Then again, one has to wonder if his having a public position on HR2606 would have meant anything anyway, when one considers that he had this to say in 2011, just one month before the legislation was introduced that would authorize placing a metering and regulating facility in historic hangars in Floyd Bennett Field: "National Parks are America’s most precious treasures and Gateway National Recreation Area is New York City’s rough-hewn jewel of open space. I’m so pleased that we now have a plan to make Gateway and Floyd Bennett field a sight to see in New York City, and I look forward to turning this blueprint into reality in the years to come,” said Senator Schumer.

All Metering and Regulating Station in Floyd Bennett Field and Rockaway Pipeline through Jacob Riis Beach here:

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