Sunday, January 13, 2013

From The FERC Files (CP13-36)

Well, it took some looking and if you've never poked around in FERC's elibrary, you might not appreciate what a wild goosechase, needle in a haystack search it was to find correspondance from NPS staff on this project that I can agree with regarding the adaptive reuse of these historic hangars in Floyd Bennett Field for a 60,000 square foot metering and regulating station:

"the new use is not only "contemporary" but the hangers are expected to perform a "technical and sophisticated service within the confines of the historic structure." They will not see traditional reuse functions which is uncharacterestic of NPS historic sites. By contrast, they are not intended for visitation to aid interpretation and resource appreciation and to enhance the visitation experience. Some would contend that the new use is incompatible with the preservation interests and DOI cultural resource management policy (NPS 28) because of detrimental risks and changes created by the new use. Their value has been reduced to their exterior appearance.

In reality, the hangers convert to industrial use. They become a fence to shield views of the new use and an enclosure to protect the new functions. The rehabilitiation has nothing to do with aviation, or human/daily usage by staff or the the public for the next century."

Man that sounds very familiar to me. There is a lot said in those few sentences. Reminds me of a phrase I read on a postcard to the president. (I didn't write that one either.) There is spin and a lot of PR on what this project means for Gateway NRA and then there is reality.

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