Thursday, January 10, 2013

Public Law 112-197


 Seeing as the public actually had very little if anything even at all to do with the creation or passing of this Public Law 112-197, beyond writing letters (in the hundreds) and signing petitions (in the thousands in a very short time frame) against it that fell on deaf ears, even the label "public" law seems disingenous and  offensive.

This is an industry law and it gives an industry that already has tremendous legal rights under the Natural Gas Act, which include eminent domain, the right to operate in a place where previously it did not.

The National Parks Conservation Association has referred to Gateway National Recreation Area as the "poster child for underfunding of national parks". The mayor and the secretary of the interior have said that they want this park to stand as a new model for the future of urban parks. The public ought to have more of a role in the future of this poster child park because it seems kind of obvious to me from the passing of Public Law 112-197 that the people who are supposed to be funding and protecting this park are failing at the task.

Williams Transco just filed formally with the FERC for their Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (new number CP13-36) and though they have been making out that they are only early in the process of siting this project, they are asking that this certificate be approved by this fall. I notice that "public" is in that title too.


Jen said...

Powerful and sad.
Have any lawsuits been filed?

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Not yet but we are not without hope.

frank@nycg said...

Lawsuits are the lifeblood of resistance.