Monday, April 1, 2013

Gateway National Grid Recreation Area in the news


The Marine Parkway Bridge-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge, as seen from above with Floyd Bennett Field on the horizon.
 Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin (click on picture or here for MTA flickr page)
I haven't seen a bill yet to actually rename the park Gateway National Grid Recreation Area, but now that work is beginning on National Grid's accompanying Brooklyn Queen's Interconnect Project, maybe it's something that ought to be considered. I'm sure there's some local politicians with a penchant for renaming things for some reason or other or just willing to waste some time in order to get the all important work of renaming stuff done. The marriage of the National Park Service's logo with National Grid's (whatever that might, corporate logos aren't a particular fascination of mine) might not look so bad on a sign. Truth in advertising right? And people get upset about naming stadiums after corporations?
It's fools day. Celebrate.

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