Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Metering Regulating Station Floyd Bennett Field: Today's Quote

                  Protect Your Parks Postcard Letterwriting campaign run by Joe against HR2606
"No action that is the subject of an ongoing NEPA analysis or that would

limit the choice of alternatives undergoing NEPA scrutiny should be taken

until the NEPA process is complete (1506.1). This includes design work,

funding pieces of a project, choosing building contractors, and so forth."

Today's quote brought to you by Director's Order 12 Handbook
That is an interesting quote to consider in regards to the proposal to place an acre natural gas facility in historic hangars in Floyd Bennett Field. Because in that case, historic hangars in Floyd Bennett Field went from not being even on an alternative list to the preferred choice for the facility, testified in support of on HR2606 by the National Park Service in Congress before all public notice, commenting and before even public scoping for environmental review that came as part of the FERC process on the project.
So let's see now if the National Park Service's decision to place this facility in those hangars which seems to have come in September 2010 requiring no public input or environmental review effects the NEPA process and placement of that facility in the Rockaway Lateral Project or not. We are still waiting on a draft EIS on that as part of the FERC process for the natural gas pipeline project through Gateway National Recreation Area, but the National Park Service didn't require one for their testimony on that bill. Neither did Congress.

Metering and Regulating Station site and alternatives circa 2009 about 3 years before the first public meetings were held on the project in April 2012. HR2606 passed in the House in February of 2012 and was testified in support of by the National Park Service in March of 2012. But who am I to say that maybe those public meetings came just a wee late in the process, whether the FERC process or the one that brings us laws?


frank@nycg said...

IT seeems like the park service offered them up for cash.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

yes. it certainly does seem that way and a pretty expensive way to hide natural gas facilities to boot. but hey, it's a park improvement according to nps testimony in congress. :)