Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pipeline Projects, Public Parks, PR and Politics

Above ground pipeline infrastructure in an industrial park

A press release here from the Department of Interior: which highlights "historic progress" over at Gateway National Recreation Area but fails to highlight the "historic progress" coming for historic hangars in Floyd Bennett Field in the form of an acre natural gas facility. And over in the NYtimes the news instead is about an oyster farm caught up in "pipeline politics"?

Press releases and the politics of pipelines, public parks: an interesting topic. Seems it was only a few years ago when Ken Salazar and the DOI were promoting the park, Floyd Bennett Field included no less while a bill to improve the park with an acre natural gas facility in historic hangars was quietly introduced into Congress. Makes me think that maybe there really is something to that expression, no news is good news. Who would have thought that in 2011 while the PR and public statements were all about camping and park improvements, what was a number one priority for politicians in the "pipeline" was literally a pipeline project? Not me that's for sure. When the powers that be promote a pipeline project and infrastructure as in improvement of your favorite park perhaps there's a chance you'll see what I mean. Personally I find it fascinating that all this comes as the park, Gatway National Recreation Area celebrates its 40th year as a concept and the National Park Service gets ready to celebrate a new century of protecting parks as it nears its own Centennial celebration. History indeed.

Protect Your Parks Postcards and this Post brought to you in part by the letter P for press releases, as in this one from New York City, which mentions the generosity of National Grid donating money to the new Jamaica Bay Parks planning process, but doesn't mention that National Grid along with Williams Transco will also conveniently gets to operate in the park, that is if one considers Floyd Bennett Field a part of that park at all.


frank@nycg said...

I suspect they have been regretting ever doing so. But not that much.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

heyfrank..so word is maybe an lng project actually attached to this one, but closer to Atlantic beach,

what's the word with you? i hear the beach is closed but the beach farm?