Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Maybe they better get started with postcards from park users

I read a curious article a week or so ago about a threat to some national parks. It was curious to me because it began with the line "Teddy Roosevelt must be rolling over in his grave" and the line seemed familiar to me as I think an archer at Floyd Bennett Field wrote something pretty similar on one of Joe's postcard campaign letters against HR2606. The article is curious to me for a few reasons. One of them being a report mentioned written apparently by the National Parks Conservation Association, who was just gung-ho about HR2606, but maybe that's because the chair of that organization is a certain wealthy mayor's business partner totally in favor of the Rockaway Pipeline Project through Gateway National Recreation Area, specifically the pipe through Jacob Riis Beach and the Floyd Bennett Field metering and regulating facility. Who knows? It's a possibility right?  The report by the NPCA reminded of another report acredited to the National Park Service that I also wrote a post about last August. It's an interesting little circle. Now all I have to do is hear that the writer of the deSmog article lives in Brooklyn and I will just fall right over from all of this interestingness happening at once.

On second thought. Maybe the NPCA should save money on stamps as I think it takes too long for people in power to read postcards?

To requote a line I got from Ken Burns documentary on the National Parks page again:
"In his speech, Roosevelt reminded people of the essential democratic principle embodied by the parks; they were created "for the benefit and enjoyment of the people." These words were later carved into the arch's mantle as a reminder of why the park was there – and for whom.

The parks are for the people? Who knew. I've read a ridiculous amount of material in the FERC files on the Rockaway Project and very rarely do I read about people.

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