Thursday, July 11, 2013

Following that Rockaway Pipeline

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It seems like a lifetime ago when I first learned about the Rockaway Lateral Pipeline Project via a breaking NY1 news item that the bill that would give the National Park Service the authority to approve both the right of way through Riis beach and the acre city gate metering and regulating station in Floyd Bennett had just passed in the House. But it was only last February. And just about exactly a year later, this year in early February, the Army Corps of Engineers revealed what the project will be that would follow this one in a simple sentence they wrote to Transco which said "Contact the United States Coast Guard to obtain information on the currently proposed Liberty Natural Gas Project in NY state waters."

They were referring to Port Ambrose, an LNG Deepwater Port/Pipeline Project currently proposed or rather reintroduced in nearby waters.  So far only one reporter at the Gotham Gazette has managed to write a story that connects these two projects with one another even though the Port Ambrose project has been all over the news lately. Personally I have been contacting news agencies for months about that port project and its connection to the Rockaway Lateral, so I know it isn't just a matter of not knowing that is preventing reporters from covering how the two are connected.  All you would really have to do is make a map of the two projects together (link to one map on Liberty's website) and read a bit and it becomes clear. In fact the folks who want to build that project help make the connection with two things they list as selling points for their project in fact:

  • Completely eliminates the need for coastal land use;
  • Makes optimal use of existing offshore pipeline capacity;
What Port Ambrose folks don't say is that technically not all of that offshore pipeline "capacity" actually exists yet. Some of it is still working its way through the FERC process under docket CP13-36.

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