Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rockaway Pipeline Missing from yet another Port Ambrose LNG map

Not only do all the maps Liberty Natural Gas LLC provides on the Port Ambrose Deepwater Port leave out the Rockaway Lateral Project, so does all the news coverage or editorials on it.

I wouldn't call this a conspiracy exactly as that would sound a little crazy, but it is a very collaborative effort to say the least. I could make a very long list of folks appearing to willfully ignore the connection between the Rockaway Pipeline project and the Port Ambrose projects, which includes not only the companies themselves, but astonishingly to me,  politicians and activists supposedly opposed to either or both projects now as well.  The deliberate choice to instead describe this port in connection to export or fracking  appears to be politically motivated or at best the product of well intended but misguided activism.

But perhaps the most astonishing part is that people pretending to educate on this project are responsable for this. Who are they? I could name names pretty easily. But instead I will just name the groups.

Occupy the Pipeline  who seem to find this project to be merely a piece of their theatre
Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline who just seem confused.
Sane Energy Project who cannot distinguish this pipeline from any other.

The nutshell? Even if I did name names the list would not be that long as these are by and large all the same people anyway. The sad thing is that while thousands of regular people were reached by Joe and who expressed their opposition to both the bill that would enable this project and other issues, it is this small group of people with revolving names, who do not represent those regular people, who have been dominating what the message on this project is.

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