Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top Sites for Misinformation on Rockaway Pipeline (Sane Energy Project and Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline)

Image from postcard letter writing campaign against HR2606 run by Joe. He was told by self-appointed leaders at the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline that doing a letter writing campaign at the same time as a petition was impossible.

When I began researching and writing about the Rockaway Pipeline more than a year and half ago, I could never have predicted that the top sites for misinformation on the Rockaway Pipeline project would be activist sites.  Yet, the top sites for misinformation on the Rockaway Pipeline, which happen to also be the first two sites that come up on a google search on the project, are the Sane Energy Project and the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline. Although I wouldn't have been able to predict this in winter of 2012,  after meeting and working with the activists that run both these sites last summer, it became clear to me incredibly quickly that the people in these groups were primarily interested not in first learning anything about this project and then educating people, but instead favored a strategy of mostly fabricating information about it.  Where does Sane Energy and the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline get the information they put out on their website and flyers when much of it cannot be found in any of the paperwork on the project found in the FERC docket for this project (probably tens of thousands of pages and counting). Answer? In large part, they mostly either make it up or distort facts so far that they become unrecognizable. What empowers these activists to feel entitled to lie? Only their belief that they are engaged in a just war against either fracking or all fossil fuels and that everything and anything at all is fair in that war. The casualty? As ever, in any war the first casualty is the truth.

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