Friday, November 8, 2013

US Coast Guard Seeks Information on Existing Capacity of New York Lower Bay Lateral for Port Ambrose LNG project review

No matter how many maps Liberty Natural Gas LLC provides for their proposed LNG port and pipeline project offshore, they never fail to leave out the Rockaway Lateral Pipeline expansion

I have seen a lot of maps now on the proposed Port Ambrose Deepwater LNG project, but I have yet to see one that displays the Rockaway Lateral Pipeline through Gateway National Recreation Area even penciled in as dotted line. Since the company that wants to build this project is well aware of the proposed Rockaway expansion, having formally filed as intervenors in the FERC docket, there doesn't seem to be a good explanation for this glaring omission from their maps.  Port Ambrose lists as one of the benefits of their project their use of existing pipeline capacity or rather their purported ability to make optimal use of existing capacity. Since it seems very much that the Rockaway Pipeline expansion, which is capable of diverting gas normally delivered to Long Beach, Long Island instead into Brooklyn, has a part to play in this matter of what the "existing capacity" of Williams New York Lower Bay Lateral is, it seems to me that the Rockaway expansion belongs on these maps. Considering that the last company that had a proposed LNG import project offshore said that the Rockaway Pipeline expansion would help facilitate their ability to delivery supply, it would appear to make a lot of sense that the same thing is true for Port Ambrose ability as well.

Recently the U.S. Coast Guard asked about this existing capacity issue and is requesting documentation regarding this along with a whole host of other outstanding information that will be necessary in order to review that project's impact. You will not read that this issue was raised in the news anywhere though and at this point there is no reason why I would be surprised by that fact at all.

Even though once approved the Rockaway Pipeline will still be in my life as the construction of the M&R in the hangars at Floyd Bennett alone will take almost a year, I will be relieved to stop following this project and just get back to gardening.


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