Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ground Truth

After the Rain 

I don't believe that gardening is a political act though I think the practice cannot help but remind one that their feet are always going to be on the ground, to swipe a line from Michael Stipe. (for gardening this sometimes also means other body parts-- eyes, an ear to the ground, elbows, knees and fingers for that matter) Gardening can be grounding, no pun intended. For me some of the joy in this "ground truthing", if I can play with the phrase just for the moment, has been learning simply to recognize and then call things by their name, which can be way more difficult then one would ever think. Is it a weed emerging you've seen before and what one for example?

An Epic Misinformation Campaign Spreads to Long Island courtesy of activists miseducating!

For much of the last year and a half, I have watched people get further and further away from remembering that their feet are actually on the ground so to speak and from anything even remotely resembling truth when they talk about the Rockaway Pipeline project and now Port Ambrose as well. Calling things by their name though doesn't just apply to botanic or common names of weeds. Misinformation is destructive not instructive. I'd bet that for a political campaign manager the misinformation campaign on the Rockaway Pipeline of the last year and half put out by Sane Energy Project, United for Action, Occupy the Pipeline and Coalition Against the Rockaway pipeline is perhaps small potatoes. But I've never seen up close and personal anything so absurd in my own life. I'm not sure if this quote I found on the internet from George Orwell is verbatim or even attributed correctly--"In a time of universal deceit-telling the truth is a revolutionary act"-- but I know the words strung together look just about right to me.

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