Thursday, April 10, 2014

Occupy the Rockaway Pipeline -- The Musical! The Stuff that Urban Legends are Made Of

@Occupy Wall Street, Protectors of Humanity in Rockaway Occupying the Pipeline tweet

I haven't thoroughly mined through this great big wonderful web of social media that weaves us all together for my all time favorite stuff that is integral in any telling of the Rockaway Pipeline story but I definitely heart the staggering and heartwarming genius of the tweet above. Tweets are definitely characters in the still unfolding epic saga of "The great Rockaway Pipeline warriors" even if they were like a lot of social media material never read. So are the legendary roving "Protectors of Humanity" troupe captured in the photo above with their exploding pipeline warning props. (In the musical rendition, I picture these folks as a kickline of sorts, like the Rockettes. I really like this name, Protectors of Humanity, for folks that generally go by the names of Sane Energy, Occupy the Pipeline, Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline among other titles.)

Also characters in this most interesting tale are facebook pages and sometimes entirely faux organizations. My second favorite choice today for the stuff that has made up the legend of the rockaway pipeline is below. It is both a faux group and a facebook page, a true lesson in urban legend-making at the same time.

  Friends of Floyd Bennett Field misinformation campaign on the Rockaway Pipeline where a fake facebook group states that this pipeline is somehow intended to deliver gas overseas despite years of paperwork, thousands of pages, and all logic and fact.

JK Canepa and the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline misinformation campaign on the Rockaway Pipeline

"Is this gas indeed intended for the people of the Rockaways or is it meant for export across the sea?" was one of the pressing questions being explored at this free event. This is definitely a lesson in theatrics of the absurd except for the fact that the writers and performers actually think they are living in the real world and not the surreal world.

You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

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