Sunday, April 6, 2014

Occupy the Rockaway Pipeline -- The Musical!

Occupy the Rockaway Pipeline- The Musical

Someday I would love to tell the story of the way that a small group of antifracking activists, mainly people with no connection to either the Rockaways or Gateway National Recreation Area, turned all local efforts to educate and any and all opposition to the Rockaway Pipeline project into a circus. It's an ugly story, though every once in a while juxtaposed quite strangely with some very colorful pictures.

I joke of course about there actually being a musical, even though as evidenced from the photos here, there are enough props and costumes to create one in a flash. The starring roles in the madcap musical comedy would be antifracking activists from a few different groups, most notably Sane Energy, United for Action, Occupy the Pipeline and the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline. (incidentally these are all actually the very same people)

Today's madcap link will introduce a central charactor:  Edie Kantrowitz, quasi-pipeline and frack fighter extrordinaire, from such groups as United for Action and Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline among others. The link is to a picture of Edie taken at a recent Wiccan event arranged by Occupy the Pipeline puppeteers and educators. The purpose of the event apparantly was to convince folks that the Port Ambrose LNG project is actually intended to be an export project designed to send gas from the Marcellus Shale overseas instead of how the project is described in paper work which in a nutshell is exactly the opposite.

They say the truth is always stranger than fiction. Had I never been involved with the Rockaway Pipeline project I would never have known just how true that statement really can be.

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