Friday, July 25, 2014

And Now Some Social Media Bullying from Sane Energy

Sane Energy bullying tactic via social media
Clare Donahue of Sane Energy did not like it when I interrupted her at the Rockaway Draft EIS hearing to alert her to the fact that she was actually attending a hearing on the Rockaway pipeline project not the Spectra project. I believe she may have told me to be quiet and then I had to walk out. That Clare Donahue took the opportunity to speak about the 5000 people who opposed the Spectra pipeline or intervened on that project at the Rockaway hearing was basically offensive to anyone at all who was at the Rockaway draft EIS hearing to actually address the particular project the hearing was about. Occupy puppeteers took the opportunity to speak about another project by yet another company in another area of NY State.

This is what occurred at the Rockaway Draft EIS hearing. Ms. Donahue and friends simply decided that what they had to say was more important than the matter at hand the meeting was called for. This was in fact disruptive.

Ms. Donahue and friends over at Sane Energy and other groups keep thinking that they can simply write a story and it will become true. They do not like the fact that they have confused people and are being called out for doing so. Time and time again, they were told basic facts and time tables about not one but now four projects, all with histories and papertrails and always they opted to ignore the information they were provided with. Usually they chose to say almost completely the opposite of what they were told. If any of this information came from actual paperwork or notices on the project, I imagine they felt that this was propoganda. People were handed just a teeny bit of the mass of information that is actually in the rockaway FERC dockets and they refused to read or learn anything as they already had some talking points in mind that they felt were better.

I am not Cuomo, the mayor, the head of a corporation nor anyone with power and influence. I did not write the laws that we follow nor did I have anything to do with how FERC as an agency works. I don't appreciate activists attempts to silence me with bullying tactics via social media.  That is not what democracy looks like. I did not ask Occupy the Pipeline folks to fly a banner about Spectra and the Rockaway pipeline projects and scream at the League of Conservation Voters about fracking in 2013. As far as I know no one locally asked for that to happen. I repeatedly asked that Judith Canepa and friends not bring the exploding fracked gas radon pipeline signs leftover from Occupy the Pipeline's campaign against Spectra to Floyd Bennett field to protest National Grid's pipeline in the summer of 2013. Not only did they do so but a local Brooklyn paper at first made it seem like park folks were part of this protest. The pictures taken demonstrated otherwise.

Every week I get an update on the construction of this project in my email account. People are more confused about this project (and national grids, liberty natural gas llc) than they may have been even two years ago. Some of that is because the material is legnthy. Some of it is probably because there is some complexity to nearly every aspect of review and construction. Some of it is likely because various powers that be might find interacting with the public and communicating with them or addressing their concerns beyond them. But there is also a really really significant amount of confusion on this particular project that is directly the result of misinformation by activists.

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