Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brigette Blood-- Roller Derby Name or Real Name? I Don't Even Want to Know.

Brigette Blood's contribution to the mythology of the Rockaway Pipeline Resistance Movement   -- Some Photos

Brigette Blood? Sounds like a derby name but here is the thing-- I would bet money at this point that if I actually searched I would likely find that this is someone with ties to Occupy. How is it that these people who on the beach claim to have been really involved in disaster relief and rebuilding the Rockaway community failed to notice some of National Grid's actual pipeline construction last summer?  I can pretty much guess  how it was that the people giving speeches on the beach were so spectacularly misinformed about the project. They likely got the information directly from Sane Energy, CARP or Occupy the Pipeline, the three top sites outside of the news that is with the most misinformation.

Why Is Catskill Mountainkeeper's Betta Broad advertisting for the new NoRockaway Pipeline Facebook folks?
  Why is Catskill Mountainkeeper's Betta Broad advertising for the new NoRockawayPipeline Facebook folks? Well that is easy enough to answer. Anti-fracking advocacy is the motivation. What did the NorockawayPipeline facebook page's flyers say? Here is what they said: "We also have plans for the summer! Come hell or high water, we are going to take over the beach and stop the rockaway pipeline for good." What exactly are these people talking about? Why are they being encouraged? Oh yeah some kind of muddled overlapping of they are the 99 percent stop fracking revolution.

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