Friday, July 25, 2014

Erik McGregor's flickr & The People's Puppets

Erik McGregor is simply everywhere. So is Kim Fraczek. Oh My God. These people are my heroes.

The People's Puppets (also featuring Kim Fraczek, the most active activist around according to her own friends)

Hey newshounds. Minister Erik McGregor's flickr is the most interesting site around. Google it if you know how to google.

Hey I recognize some people in this photo of folks singing FERC is A RubberStamp Machine at a Protest in DC. Do you?

The People's Puppets of Occupy occupying all pipelines, fossil fuels or fossil fools as they like to say. No doubt coming to a community meeting or something near you soon! They belong in a theatre. But the street is their theatre. Your parks are their theatre. Not just Zucotti. The rockaway draft EIS hearing in the Rockaways was their theatre. So was Flatbush avenue and Floyd Bennett Field. How have you lived this long and missed out on all the crazy shenanigans these fantastic folks are up to? The People's Puppets Occupy the Rockaway Pipeline! -- These activists are colorful. They are not as savvy as the unnamed organizers of Nick Pinto's latest piece of garbage at Vice. But I even recognize some people in that video. Unreal.

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