Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is NoRockawayPipeline Facebook Page a Piece of Performance Art?

NoRockawayPipeline Facebook page ahem I mean group. Is this a piece of performance art?

Hard to say exactly. One thing is for sure. It is a piece of something. Quick you should like them on facebook. They are NoRockawayPipeline Facebook page and they are doing some really really important stuff.

I guess I could ask the same question of Love NY, Don't Frack It Up as well. Are Betta Broad and friends making a mockumentary filming Judith Canepa and Maureen Healy over in Jill Weingarten's community garden plot? Probably not. Alternate title: All the news on the Rockaway Pipeline project and protests is and likely will continue to be hysterical. Are there any real live journalists in New York City or are there just people taking pictures of their latest meal and artists left?

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