Sunday, July 27, 2014

Maureen Healy of CARP, Occupy the Pipeline and United for Action Is Not a Credible Source

Maureen Healy sowing confusion behind her whereever she goes

I have a book in front of me titled "Informing the News, The Need for Knowledge-Based Journalism".  A quote from From page 10-- "However there is something worse than an inadequately informed public and that's a misinformed public. It's one thing when citizens don't know something and realize it. It's another thing when citizens don't know something but think they know it, which is the new problem. It's the difference between ignorance and irrationality. Whatever else one might conclude about self-government, it's at risk when citizens don't know what they are talking about."

 How many places has Maureen Healy taken both her ignorance and irrationality and presented it as expertise? She is not just running around with a flyer. She is regularly in the news speaking about something that she both doesn't understand and also has gone out of her way in some cases to actually obscure real information about.

The history of the activism against the Rockaway Pipeline project has basically been one where the least informed people stand in the front of the room as if they were teachers. It's as if my young nieces walked into med school and started teaching classes. That is about how profoundly unqualified most of the activists pretending to be experts educating on the Rockaway Pipeline actually are. It would be one thing if they were simply just that confused themselves and not effecting reporters and other people. That is not the case at all however.

It would also be one thing if they were not constantly told the facts repeatedly. But they have been told the facts repeatedly. They are either unwilling to or simply incapable of absorbing them. Instead they get "creative".

PS. Ken Gale apparently has given this the facebook thumbs up and guess what? He is on the radio communicating, broadcasting to people about environmental issues!

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