Friday, July 25, 2014

Natasha Lennard Tweets about the Rockaway Pipeline project protest---This surely must be news!

Natasha Lennard tweets the rallying "We shall Fight them on the beaches!"

Where I wonder is the NYTimes on this? Or any reporter? Oh I imagine they are simply too busy taking pictures of their lunch to notice. When Gothamist published Nick Pinto's piece of blather on the Rockaway Pipeline they used a photo from the facebook page norockawaypipeline with a link to this facebook page. This facebook page was created in May of 2014 and in case you didn't know it facebook pages can be made by lunatics. Of course the terrific team of crackerjack journalists over at Gothamist (or whatever Gothamist is..I thought something of an aggregator but who knows)  wouldn't consider taking down that piece of garbage written by Mr. Pinto. The editors of Gothamist are likely so confused about what is going on in the world that they actually think Mr. Pinto wrote something real. The Rockaway Pipeline project became news in February of 2012. Well actually the bill that was needed to be passed for it to be built was in the news at that time.

 The story of the rockaway pipeline project is also a story about who gets in the news and how they manipulate reporters. It is a story about smoke and mirrors and hype. The fact is that when the Rockaway Pipeline project was introduced in the Federal Register in 2012 it was described in this FERC notice as a project that could do two things. One was deliver an additional supply of 100,000dths a day of natural gas. The other was redistribute supplies that are already delivered into the area. The rockaway project was basically described as being the pipeline project with the ability to deliver the least amount of incremental supply into the area of the expansions that were recently built.

When the Northeast Connector project was added on to FERC's EIS on the Rockaway Pipeline project in April of 2013, Williams was asked whether the 100,000dths supplied by this project was the same 100,000dths that the federal register notice noted. The answer to that question is yes.

Every antifracking activist was made aware of this and they were also made aware that Liberty Natural Gas LLC, who would like to build the Port Ambrose LNG import project that is currently under review by USCG, intervened in the Rockaway docket in early winter of 2013. The entire antifracking activist world decided (as in they made a deliberate choice or about as deliberate a choice that really confused people can make) to say that Port Ambrose was not an import project but an export project. They even got it seems Sandra Steingreber to write this.

I wonder what Natasha Lennard would tweet about that. I imagine she wouldn't believe it. She might not believe that her friends over there at Occupy or left leaning activists could be such profound liars. I might not believe this myself if I had not actually witnessed this for so long now. There isn't a fact that anti-fracking activists have not upended in their desire to fabricate their own story about this project. The story of this project has been manipulated by completely insane activists from park slope and other areas and the only common theme among most of these activists is fracking or what they consider to be a "progressive" mindset.

Since exactly when does progressive equal completely upside down I wonder?

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