Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nick Pinto in "Name That Hack Reporter in Two Sentences or Less"

Nick Pinto isn't a reporter, he is a hack

Nick Pinto believes he is a muckraker.

Nick Pinto is afraid of natural gas pipelines. (That was a link to Mr. Pinto writing for the Village Voice about the Spectra Pipeline where it seems he called the pipeline a Pipe Bomb.)

Nick Pinto recently wrote a piece of propoganda for Vice titled "Protestors Shut Down Construction of a Fracked Gas Pipeline in New York City."

Nick Pinto wrote a piece of blather for Gothamist recently titled "A massive Rockaway Gas Pipeline is Being Built Right Under Our Beaches".

According to Mr. Pinto's linked in site he went to the Columbia University- Graduate School of Journalism.

I went to the University of Hawai'i. Guess what my useless degree is in? You betcha! Journalism. Had I known that Occupy puppets and artists were going to take over the world I might have studied something else although frankly I didn't learn all that much in college anyway.

Alternative title: Fake news on the rockaway pipeline project or Most of the news on the Rockaway Pipeline Project has been nonsense.

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