Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rockaway Pipeline protest/ Taco Fight At Riis beach this Saturday ---promotion by Bedford + Bowery

According to Bedford+Bowery, Bluestocking Cafe is having a bike ride to Riis beach this weekend to protest the Rockaway Pipeline that is currently under construction. There may or may not also be a taco food fight on the sand as well. Below is a picture of some peas. You can eat peas raw when you pick them. Isn't that really interesting news? What did you eat today? Please tell me all about it.

Epic Taco Food Fight amd Pipeline Protest this Weekend at Riis Beach. Be There or be Square! This is my blog post about it. Feel free to use my blog post as a flyer. The rockaway pipeline project gets more and more interesting every single minute! It is the best secret pipeline project story in the world. Come to the Rockaway Pipeline Protest at the surf beach this weekend or at Riis. Try Breezy Point too. Whereever. I wonder if Gothamist or some amazing newspaper reporter will come and cover this epic event.

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