Monday, July 28, 2014

Which People's Puppets are They Exactly?

The People's Puppets also acting as Sane Energy and Occupy the Pipeline refuse to stop spreading myths about the rockaway pipeline project that they created.
Exactly which people do these Puppets belong to anyway?

 Kim Fraczek, Jessica Roff and friends took a little romp over to Figment on Governor's Island to continue on with this little charade they have cooked up about the Rockaway Pipeline project. The "photojournalist" as he likes to refer to himself, Minister Erik McGregor gave a little speech about Minisink not the Rockaways or Riis beach or Floyd Bennett Field by the way when he came down to the Rockaway draft EIS hearing to "perform".

 It is literally, not figuratively, impossible at this point for Kim Fraczek and friends to believe the narrative they have concocted about the history of the Rockaway Pipeline project which conveniently for them begins with their own cooption of the story and the myth that Michael Grimm snuck a bill through Congress while the Rockaways were in the dark and cold post hurricane Sandy. Unless of course they are insane, which they very well might be.

 The real history of the rockaway pipeline project at least in terms of paperwork begins in 2009. The history on the bill that was passed also has a papertrail as well which begins in the summer of 2011 and that information is also available online. What happened to the real story and the real people who wrote postcards or letters or signed petitions against HR2606? Well it is buried beneath the pile of crap that activists have slung at it for the last two years.

Josh Fox with Kim Fraczek at event that is billed this time as a play.  I'm not entirely sure that people can tell the difference anymore between what is fiction and what is not. Not being able to distinguish reality is not exactly a sign of mental health. 

Let's make sure all these people get as famous as they would like to be.Who am I to get in the way of these legends in the making?

Alternative title of this post: Here are some people you should hire. Keep them busy ya know writing tunes and making stuff like plays, performances and license plates.

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