Thursday, July 24, 2014

Who's That Girl?-- Clare Donahue-- in the series "Lunatic Activists of NYC"

Clare Donahue. She is a bathroom and kitchen designer by day and a masked superhero activist at night. Blue and yellow are her favorite colors. She is many things. A serial grassroots starterupper (if that is even a word) of groups like the New York City Grassroots Alliance, Sane Energy, Food not Fracking, a bit pompous but more than anything she is at heart a fractivist. Alternate name for this post and this delightful smash hit is: "This is Your Brain on FRACK!" and also "How many fauxrginizations (is that a word) does this gal run?" Also "Don't Believe Everything Your Read on a Flyer" Labels: Clare Donahue of Sane Energy, Clare Donahue of Food not Fracking, Clare Donahue quite possible coming to a community board meeting soon near you! Rockaway pipeline, Williams Pipeline, PSA on what fractivism looks like in new york city and why your kids should not become one.

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