Monday, July 28, 2014

WPIX Produces Nonsense Story on Rockaway Pipeline

Magee Hickey of WPIX produces nonsense on the Rockaway Pipeline Project

It is not an accident that Magee Hickey at WPIX produced a nonsensical news story on the Rockaway Project on the heels of Nick Pinto's piece of blather in Gothamist. Her report is riddled with errors but it is happily passed along by most activists because it has exactly the language they want in that story. "650,000dths of fracked gas from the Marcellus Shale" to be specific. Ms. Hickey's report is sloppy to say the least. Inaccurate to say the most.

 Had anyone actually spent just a hair reading some of what the fantastic NoRockawayPipeline folks have to say what would have been apparent immediately is that they do not know what they are talking about at all and they do not make sense. Just one sentence alone captures this very well such as--- "It is doubtful that New York actually needs the gas, and many speculate that the gas transported through the pipeline will eventually be exported overseas..." Many? There are actually only a few completely unhinged activists saying this or drooling this and they have been posing as experts on the Rockaway Pipeline project. And somehow these are the people basically dictating all the news coverage on this project?

How can the media be so asleep? People are getting paid to produce this kind of drivel? It's absurd.

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