Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is that the Damascus Citizens for Safe Energy's lawyer at recent Riis beach Rockaway Pipeline protest?

Is this Damascus Citizens for Safe Energy's lawyer Jeff Zimmerman at recent rockaway pipeline protest event held by unnamed activists spewing pure nonsense?

It looks a lot like him to me.

Environmenttv by the way produces some truly fascinating material. Charlie Olson, this Duffernutter and Mr. Eliscu, much like Kim Fraczek, Erik Mcgregor and Clare Donahue surely deserve to be famous.

And now for a new vocabulary word: Blockupy brought to the world by the folks it seems the gentleman who looks like Damascus Citizen's lawyer Jeff Zimmerman was at the beach with.

New York Year Zero coins the phrase Blockupy!

 Who makes up Damascus Citizens for Safe Energy anyway? Well at least these two women do and it is awfully strange to me that two women who belong to this group which is registered as an intervenor in the Rockaway docket could be speak so profoundly fact free about this project. What are Ruth Hardinger and Barbara Arindall described as? Amazingly enough-- artists.

Alternate title for this post: Exactly what game are Damascus Citizens for Safe Energy and friends, including New York Year Zero, playing at with the Rockaway Pipeline Project?

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