Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peter Eliscu's Rockaway Pipeline Protest Video Full of Misinformation Back On the Web

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 Peter Eliscu, who from videos at least seems to be enthralled with the Occupy Movement, recently put his video of the recent Rockaway Pipeline Protest back up online ( a revised version). How much misinformation does this video contain?
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 Well this particular gentleman, who gave a long speech, has nearly every detail wrong about the pipeline from its depth below the beach to its depth underwater at sea to what "protected" Riis beach to the law that was passed and why it was necessary to the time that act (HR2606) moved though Congress. According to the engineers, the metering station is also designed (although the details of the design are not public for critical infrastructure reasons) to capture at least some of the methane that might otherwise be released from Williams system to deliver to National Grids. Nearly every detail that comes out of his mouth on this project is in fact completely false. Never mind the fact that the Rockaway Pipeline project is much more about redistributing supplies than about incremental gas and that the project being reviewed right now that appears to be following it, is in fact an LNG import project known as Port Ambrose.

 The reason for this is quite simple. One big reason this young man is spectacularly misinformed about the rockaway pipeline project is because of information he has received via fellow activists who have spent two long years upending reality. The other is a combination of lack of communication by those in charge and failure by the media to convey factual information on this project. The facts on the Rockaway Pipeline project are buried in very very long papertrails. Those papertrails are available online. They are in FERC documents that date back to 2009 and they are in the Congressional record on HR2606 as well.

 Is misinfomation instructive or is it destructive? Well if you are someone walking around in the world who prefers to know what is really going on, it is in fact destructive. Who is this young man being encouraged by? Well unfortunately right now he is being spurred on by quite a few environmental leaders. Did Bill McKibben tweet about no rockaway pipeline's rally and let's remember these folks are unnamed and spectacularly misinformed about this pipeline? Yes he did.

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