Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rockaway Pipeline -- the Myths and Misinformation keep going and going and going

The signs usually accurately represent what the activists are against-- The latest Rockaway pipeline fighters most accurately would be described as being against "All Pipelines and All markets" 

The latest piece of propaganda (and it is that or just a really inaccurate news report on the Rockaway Pipeline project) came via Al Jazeera this week and just like Mr. Pinto who wrote about the pipeline for Gothamist and Vice, the reporter who wrote the article is supposed to be highly educated, specifically in the field of journalism. There are too many things wrong with Peter Moskowitz's rendition of reality on the rockaway pipeline project to name them all but for starters, and probably most importantly, he has chosen to use unreliable and uninformed sources to tell the tale. Maureen Healy for one is an unreliable source as the coalition she belongs to lacks merit. The other sources appear to be a woman who is new to the Rockaway area and an activist involved with another issue, cycling. What is false or alternately misleading about Mr. Moskowitz story? Almost everything. One has to wonder right off the bat why it is that Mr. Moskowitz and/or his editor at Al Jazeera could not find a photo of Jacob Riis beach and instead used a photo of a beach miles away from it. The photo that accompanied the story of course fits in nicely with the false narrative of the story-- that number one it is residents in the rockaways who are telling this story and who are opposed to this project because they are deeply concerned about their safety because of this project. Almost the exact opposite though is true and that can be said for almost every other detail in the rest of Peter Moskowitz's "report" as well.

 Ms. Victoria Barber, who may or may not be using the destruction by Hurricane Sandy to promote her art, is the latest to promote the myth that the people of the Rockaways did not know about HR2606 because the bill was magically written, introduced and moved through both houses of Congress and on to the Presidents desk in the time period following Hurricane Sandy while they were in the dark and cold. Of course Maureen Healy of CARP, the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline, the other source absolutely knows that this is not the case. Maureen Healy knows that thousands of people signed petitions and wrote letters against that bill prior to Hurricane Sandy. She may not have run a post card writing campaign against that bill single-handedly like Joe did but she knows very well that the greatest number of people who opposed that bill were Gateway National Recreation Area users.

There isn't a kind way to say this-- Maureen Healy, more often than not, in her activism chooses lies or myth over truth. Al Jazeera's rendition of the rockaway pipeline project is like most renditions--- long on hype and fear and really really short on fact. And that is the most kind thing that can be said about that news article. If Al Jazeera was concerned about getting the facts straight on the Rockaway Pipeline project, the reality is that Peter Moskowitz' entire story would likely need to be retracted. It is that far from the truth.


Victoria Barber said...

Funny just saw this post. Hope you are enjoying your pipeline. Brought to you by disaster capitalism. I still stand by the fact final vote and approval happened in the days after Sandy when Rockaway residents were dealing with the serious aftermath of the storm. No electricity. Limited cellular coverage, no heat. Flooded basements and or first floors. No vehicles.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Victoria- You can stand by your statement of fact regarding the final vote and approval although the final vote was likely a formality as the House was concurring with a bill that did not change in a meaningful way when passed by the Senate in late September. The action on this bill that mattered mostly occured prior to Hurricane Sandy. The fact is that most of the important action on HR2606 occurred before the first public meetings on the project. (ie The bill was passed under a suspension of the rules and reported on as bi-partisan and non-controversial in Feb of 2012 and NPS testified in support of the bill in March of 2012 in senate subcommittee. The public was introduced to the project at meetings in April of 2012)
The fact is Victoria that you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to the rockaway pipeline project and the reason why is you likely got your information on it from Jk Canepa, Maureen Healy or someone associated with either the Coalition Against the Rockaway pipeline, Sane Energy or some other group.

Referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources.

Referred to the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands.

Subcommittee Hearings Held.

Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Discharged.
Committee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
Ordered to be Reported (Amended) by Unanimous Consent.

1/23/2012 2:40pm:
Reported (Amended) by the Committee on Natural Resources. H. Rept. 112-373.
1/23/2012 2:40pm:
Placed on the Union Calendar, Calendar No. 254.
2/6/2012 4:45pm:
Mr. Hastings (WA) moved to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended.
2/6/2012 4:45pm:
Considered under suspension of the rules. (consideration: CR H481-483)
2/6/2012 4:45pm:
DEBATE - The House proceeded with forty minutes of debate on H.R. 2606.
2/6/2012 4:52pm:
At the conclusion of debate, the chair put the question on the motion to suspend the rules. Mr. Hastings (WA) objected to the vote on the grounds that a quorum was not present. Further proceedings on the motion were postponed. The point of no quorum was withdrawn.
2/7/2012 4:44pm:
Considered as unfinished business. (consideration: CR H549)
2/7/2012 4:45pm:
On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended Agreed to by voice vote. (text: CR 2/6/2012 H481-482)
2/7/2012 4:45pm:
Motion to reconsider laid on the table Agreed to without objection.
Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks. Hearings held.

Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources discharged by Unanimous Consent.
Measure laid before Senate by unanimous consent. (consideration: CR 9/21/2012 S6674-6675)
S.AMDT.2869 Amendment SA 2869 proposed by Senator Pryor for Senator Bingaman. (consideration: CR 9/21/2012 S6674-6675; text: CR 9/21/2012 S6674-6675)
In the nature of a substitute.
S.AMDT.2869 Amendment SA 2869 agreed to in Senate by Unanimous Consent.
Passed Senate with an amendment by Unanimous Consent.
Message on Senate action sent to the House.