Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sane Energy Project Revising History on the Rockaway Lateral Delivery Project

In the neverending saga that is the incredible story of completely nuts activists behaving badly, the folks at Sane Energy Project continue on with what I could only describe at this point as madness. The latest bit of revisionary history on the Rockaway Lateral Project can be found at a new "tool" these folks have created which according to their facebook page states:

 " The Rockaway pipeline, which was proposed under-the-radar while the Rockaways were still reeling from Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and is currently under construction under Riis Beach, will bring radon-laced gas into Brooklyn homes and businesses, presenting further cancer risks and explosion risks for nearby families who have already been through the worst." 

 If only I had known just how insane these folks are when I met them back in the summer of 2012!  Dave Doll, featured as a spokesperson on the Rockaway Pipeline project, incidentally was at Riis Beach in the late summer of 2012 (a few months prior to Hurricane Sandy!) helping to get signatures from park goers against the bill that was passed on this project, HR2606.  So it isn't like it is remotely possible that he might actually believe that the Rockaway Pipeline was proposed while the Rockaways were still reeling from Superstorm Sandy.  I couldn't say why these activists are so attached to this particular myth which they created on this project since it is so easily refuted. I certainly have my guesses though and they aren't flattering.

According to non-revisionary history that actually is documented, the Rockaway Lateral Project moved "under the radar" in 2009. Paperwork on the project in FERC begins then. That's approximately three and half years prior to Hurricane Sandy. The significant change that occurred while the project was "under the radar" was the location of the metering station which was not originally proposed for historic hangars in Floyd Bennett Field and then also the introduction of HR2606 in 2011 without any public discussion.  By most people's accounts, and as documented in the news, the public first became aware of the Rockaway Lateral Project upon the news breaking that HR2606 had quietly been passed by the House under a suspension of the rules in early February of 2012. The public was then introduced to the project in late April of 2012 after the National Park Service had testified in support of HR2606 in Senate subcomittee as well.

I imagine that the people who wrote letters to Senators or the National Park Service or anyone who wrote one of Joe's postcard letters against HR2606 would be mighty surprised to hear Clare Donahue, Patrick Robbins and Kim Fraczek of Sane Energy's latest interpretation of history.  Since I've seen these people speak upside down for the last two plus years I can't say I'm terribly surprised at this point though.

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