Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How Extensive is the Antifracking Movement's Deceit on Port Ambrose?

Craig Stevens at Long Beach hearing contributing to his "movements" deceit about the Port Ambrose LNG delivery project in summer 2013

The antifracking movement's conspiracy theory that the Port Ambrose LNG delivery project currently proposed for offshore of Long Island is secretly an export project is widespread among the NY state antifracking movement. From Sandra Steingraber via her 30 days against fracking (and LNG) regs to Craig Stevens who took it upon himself to appear at both the Port Ambrose LNG meeting last summer and the draft EIS hearing on the rockaway project.

One can read Bruce Ferguson opine on how this project is of course for export in many places. Here's one:  Ooh and here is another:

What are some facts about Liberty's Port Ambrose project, the prior LNG delivery project proposed for offshore of Long Island's coast and the Rockaway lateral project?

1. In 2009, the company that wanted to build the prior proposal said in writing in the prefile docket that in their opinion the Rockaway Lateral Project would "help facilitate" their own ability to deliver incremental supply. This company also stated that Williams was providing misleading information about their knowledge of this LNG delivery project.

2. It is hard to fathom how Liberty Natural Gas LLC could deliver the amount of incremental supply that their Port Ambrose project is described as being able to deliver without the Rockaway Lateral Project expansion. It is likewise hard to fathom how anyone at all who is a registered intervenor or who has read any specific details on the Rockaway Project could entertain the thought that Port Ambrose is secretly intended for export.

3. The fractivist movement was supplied this info a long time ago and also repeatedly. This information however would not provide the antifracking movement a convenient excuse to rally on Long Island so they simply chose to lie.

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