Monday, December 22, 2014

Port Ambrose LNG project just one example of the "relentlessness" of the antifracking movement

United For Action via Edie Kantrowitz launching rumor that Port Ambrose is an export facility days before the first public meetings on the project (summer 2013)

The antifracking movement in NY State is relentless all right. Above United for Action decides to call an LNG delivery project an export project so they can talk about fracking. And below Sandra Steingraber also calling the Port Ambrose project an export facility so she can talk about fracking.  Ms. Steingraber likely just passed on the information she was supplied. United for Action, on the other hand, is much more culpable. They were made aware that Liberty Natural Gas LLC had intervened in the Rockaway pipeline project docket in early February of 2013 and that the project was for import not export.  

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